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Fleece Undersuits

A one-piece fleece suit under your overall keeps you warm even when wet. It stays put and doesn't need a waistband. That makes it more comfortable.

The fleece fabric doesn't hold on to water, but runs off quickly after a swim, giving you a feeling of being warm and almost dry. This is good for many immersion sports where you're in and out of the water all the time.

You can also use a fleece suit on its own for pool swim training or just for wet fun. It soaks up a lot of water making your resistance swim training really effective. When you come out of the pool, the water runs out quickly.

A fleece overall stays put under your nylon overall. This is important when you jump about a lot, in and out of the water. Nothing is more annoying when the clothes inside your overall sag and slip around.

overall one-piece thermal base layer
Fleece overall for pool training.
fleece overall
Loose fit for comfort in the water.

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