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Anoraks for Sun Protection

Comfy Suncream Alternative

If you have sensitive skin, a hooded sun suit (anorak and pants) may be what you want to avoid sunburn, a comfortable alternative to traditional sunscreen products. You save the cost of the suit on sun tan lotion over a week's holiday.

This swimsuit doesn't wash off like sun lotion. Just jump into the water and enjoy. The thin fabric remains wearable after swimming and feels pleasant as it dries in the breeze. Swimsuits made of loose fitting nylon or silky soft Pertex are quick drying and breathable, but not very waterproof.

In the Sun

The loose fit allows for good air ventilation when you wear this suit on the beach or poolside. You barely notice the light touch on your skin. Sweat evaporates through the breathable fabric. Rinse it under the shower before you wear it in the pool.

In the Water

This loose fitting swimsuit feels soft and lightweight in the water, but it causes a bit more drag than tight swim shirts. You won't win any races, but your feel really good as you float around.

We've found this sun suit very easy to swim in, no special skills required. Wearing the hood while swimming may take some getting used to at first. When you come out of the water, the wet sun suit keeps you cool on hot days. The handy zip pocket keeps food money safe, so you can literally "drop" into the local beach restaurant.

Snowsuit for Relaxed Poolside Holidays

This NATO issue snow camouflage suit is made from a moisture and wind resistant nylon material, designed to wear over your other clothes, very loose fitting. It is super lightweight, not waterproof, dries quickly, and folds up small enough to fit into a cargo pocket or your swim bag.

The Cat's Pyjamas

This silky soft nylon suit is the cat's pyjamas on holiday in and around the pool. It gives you moderate sun protection on poolside or the beach. Most of all, it expresses your individuality. Nobody in or around the pool has a suit like this.

Watch out, it goes quite transparent when wet. Always wear some clothes underneath when outdoors. Add white shorts and T-shirt for a very sexy swimsuit.


We tried this suit in an outdoor pool and found it great fun to swim in. You'll hardly notice that you are wearing it except for the soft touch on your skin. It slows you down a little, but is great for relaxing in and out of the pool on hot days.

Windproof but not Waterproof

It is made out of a parachute type nylon filament material that reduces the wind, but is not waterproof, only water repellent. Wear it under the shower and it immediately soaks right through to your skin or clothes.

Bonus in winter is, it sheds the snow and stays dry. Snow does not stick to it when sitting down so no need to carry something to sit on.

Oversize to Fit over other Clothes

This suit is oversize so you can wear it over your regular clothing, but it fits within the usual sizing ranges. If you wear XL as usual, you may want to choose a medium size suit. A size Large should be about an XXXL.

Snow Camouflage White Trousers

The trousers have pass-through pockets on the sides and in front for the fly, a waist draw cord to keep it in place. The tie cords at leg bottoms stop them from floating up when you jump into the water.

Hooded Jacket with Drawstrings

The snow camouflage white parka is made from a lightweight, white nylon filament, water repellent treated cloth. You wear it loosely over your swim clothes.

The parka has a buttoned front closure, and draw cords at the waist, hood, and bottom. Tie them up correctly and your parka stays put as you splash around.

It was designed as a camouflage outer layer in snow terrain and not a substitute for a proper parka in cold weather. However, in the sun and water it looks just great. Available in good military surplus stores.

Snow White Poncho

The Swiss Army snow poncho is an interesting alternative to the snowsuit. The fabric is a bit heavier, but gives more cover and privacy.

The loose design allows for plenty circulation, and goes well with the white trousers. Great for splashing around to keep cool and look cool.

white nylon poncho
white nylon poncho

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