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Waterwear Care Tips

After each use good care should be taken to protect the fabric of your watersport clothes.

Your garments have sewn-in washing instructions, which you should observe to maintain the function of your watersports clothes for longer.

  1. Hand wash, warm (30°C).
  2. Do not bleach.
  3. Do not tumble dry.
  4. Do not iron.
  5. Do not dryclean.

Rinse in Bath or Shower

Most experts recommend hand washing watersports clothes in warm water using a mild detergent or shampoo with no additives.

Don't just stuff your clothes into a bucket of fresh water, hoping it will wash out salt or chlorine. This won't work sufficiently. Small pockets of salt or chlorine will remain.

Smart people rinse their clothes under flowing water like a shower or in the bath. This will rinse out much better as your clothes aren't bunched up in a tub or bucket.

The easiest way is to keep your clothes on when you come out of the water and have a shower or bath. Not only is this easier and more fun, it also makes sure you don't wash it too hot and damage the fabric.

As hard as you may try to avoid it, colour loss may occur over time. To be safe, wash matching outfits together for the best colour matching.


If clothing is often worn in salt water or salty air, the salt can form tiny razer sharp crystals when it dries. These can impair function and will slowly shread your garments.

Salt is a desiccant, meaning it attracts moisture. To keep salt from accumulating on your outerwear and attracting water, simply rinse it in fresh water. If you have limited fresh water supplies, even a rinse in sea water will reduce heavy salt accumulations (sea water is approximately 3% salt).


Chlorine in pools, spas, and hot tubs can deteriorate and damage your water clothing, but in a different way to salt. It works more like bleach and may cause colour damage. Similarly, chemicals used in hot tubs also create a hostile environment for any clothes you wear. A quick rinse in the shower after your hot tub session is required.

Pool chlorine can fade clothing, weaken the fabric and turn articles green if not cleaned properly. Swimsuits and other clothing that come into contact with pool chlorine need to be cleaned before the bleach in the chlorine ruins the fabric. Thoroughly rinse all your clothes after wearing them in the pool and follow the care label’s instructions.

The sooner you can get your water clothes under the shower after contact with pool chlorine the better off they will be. A non-bleach detergent, like mild shampoo, will work out the chlorine, but you should always rinse off immediately after exiting the chlorinated pool.

Evening Soak

In addition to rinsing immediately after wearing your kit in the water, washing it at the end of that day in a warm bath with a mild liquid hand soap or shampoo works well. Soak your water clothes in the bath for at least 15 minutes. Gently massaging the fabric moves the chemicals and dirt out. A&shower afterwards drains the soapy water and rinses until the water runs clear.


Hang your clothes in a ventilated place. Do not bundle wet clothes after use or cleaning to prevent any damage or mildew.

Store rainwear on a hanger in a cool, dry storage area, out of sunlight and away from electric appliances.

Do Not Expose to Excessive Heat

The silicone contained on the inside of the fabric makes it water resistant. When heated it can clog the pores of membranes and coatings. The garment irreversibly loses its breathability. Keep away from flames.

GORE-TEX® Rainwear Care

It’s critical that you clean your GORE-TEX® products frequently, relative to the level of use and even if your garment does not appear soiled. Dirt, perspiration, body oils and sunscreens can build up over time and affect your product's performance. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended care instructions, which are typically found on an inside tag, and your GORE-TEX® products will be ready to go when you are.

Tips for Machine Washing

Attention: Do not use fabric softener for functional clothing!

Do not dry clean.

Close zippers and velcro before washing. Special function detergents are available for breathable clothing. For down clothes use a special down detergent.

Delicate wash cycle wash is sufficient rinse to remove detergent residue thoroughly (30 to 40°C). Products with membrane should not be spun. After two to four washes, the impregnation should be renewed. See below.

Heavily soiled clothes can be impaired in their function. Regular washing increases their life expectancy. Better wash often with little detergent as infrequently using a lot of detergent.

However, too meticulous cleanliness can harm: In normal use, waterproof jackets and pants should not be washed more frequently than five times a year. Possibly can be cleaned by hand individual points in between.

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