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Hooded Sun Protection Swimsuit

This is one of the most comfortable swimsuits we've tested.

This swimsuit has been around for a while and comes with minor variations. We've tested several of these suits over time and really like to swim in them. The suit is all we wear, nothing underneath. Without a waistband it gives the feeling of freedom to move.

The soft Nylon/Spandex fabric wraps itself gently around the body for a more streamlined shape. Thumbstrings keeps the sleeves from riding up when swimming fast.

Apart from swimming you can enjoy this comfy suit for relaxing or sleeping, especially where mosquitos buzz around. In summer some of our team members wear them in our office.

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pool swimsuit hood aliexpress

Why wear a Hood?

Some swimming pools insist on bathers wearing a swim cap. These suits have one build in so it doesn't get lost. The hood protects your head from sunburn, stinging jellyfish, and keeps you cool in the heat (when wet) or warm in cool weather.

On all the swimsuits we've tested, the hood fit well and didn't get in the way when swimming, or was too tight or too loose. We got used to wearing a hood when swimming. Feels good.

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pool swimsuit hood aliexpress

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