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Ventile, originally designed in the UK, is densely woven from 100% cotton using the world’s finest long staple fibre.

Ventile is quiet, comfortable, wind and weatherproof. It is not heavily coated or laminated yet the combination of the light but dense weave and the swelling properties of the fibres when wet provide excellent weatherproofing. A light Teflon coating helps the water run off.

It is an entirely natural product that offers a unique level of comfort, look and feel as well as being windproof, highly breathable, very durable and quiet. Because it is cotton it breathes better than anything.

A technical Ventile anorak is a seriously good piece of kit and a useful companion in the great outdoors. It combines practical features with an un-complicated style. Ventile is quite an old school idea but has more relevance in today's market as it is simply 100% cotton.

Not all Ventile products are the same. L24 Ventile is one of the densest grades of cloth available. You may find cheaper garments from some manufacturers, because they are made from a lighter weight grade Ventile material.

Caring for your Ventile outfit is quite simple. Wash it with mild detergent, or shampoo if you wash it while you wear it. Hang it up and dry in airing cupboard or warm room, then simply iron with a cool iron.

ventile anorak for swimming in a lake
ventile anorak for swimming in a lake
ventile anorak for swimming in a lake

Reader Comment: Lightweight Sun Protection

by Lee Fung, Thailand

In a hot country like Thailand you want lightweight clothes with good ventilation and sun protection. My ventile suit is comfy in the sun when dry and feels good when wet. I simply go into water when I feel like it, and it dries quickly afterwards. No need to change clothes.

ventile anorak for swimming in a lake
ventile anorak for swimming in a lake

wet ventile anorak swimming in a lake
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