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Swimwear Reviews

Our keen swimmers will check out any kit we get our hands on and write a review with links to suppliers.


Lycra stingersuit
always has the latest swimwear fashion. We take a first look at some cool swimwear.


Ecostinger stingersuits
is renowned for high quality and unique chlorine resistant swimsuits and stingersuits.

First Look

When we see interesting new swimwear, we write a brief report in this section. This may be about swim clothes seen at a shop, a trade show, or some other event. First look usually means that we haven't tried them in the water yet.

Full Reviews

Whenever we get our hands on new swimwear we test it under realistic conditions for a detailed full review. These get updated over time after we've used the samples for a while.

We try the swimwear in the pool to see how it fits and feels in the water, and how comfortable it really is when worn wet over a longer time. This may require several swimming sessions to assess the chlorine resistance and durability.

Splash Sports

Swimsuits, swim shirts and leggings make great aquatic underwear or base layer under waterproof splash clothes. This requires a variety of tests in different combinations. We test how it performs for canoeing, sailing, or surfing, and how good the design is for readers who really enjoy watersports, rather than wear it as a fashion statement.

Manufacturers: Promote !

If you're a swimwear manufacturer, send us products for review. You get publicity on a busy website for the cost of a product sample. Reviews carry a clickable link to the supplier's website so our readers can order the products we've reviewed. If a supplier provides more than one item, they get a dedicated section with a company profile.

Affiliate Partnerships

When we come across really good products, we like to share them with our readers who come here to find the best and most original swimwear. If you run an affiliate program, talk to us.

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