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Sports Kilts

Folks with 5,000 hiking miles under their belts will tell you:

Kilts are the New Shorts

Unbifurcated garments are a proud tradition in many societies. Now they are appearing as stylish hiking and sportswear, even swimwear for the bold and courageous. If you're man enough to pull this off, read on.

A nylon kilt is very water-resistant. Our intern spilled water on his lap on one occasion and noted that is just pooled there until he finally shook it off. The material doesn’t really soak up water and it dries quickly. He went swimming and wading in the kilt on quite a few trips, exercising his inner water buffalo, and it proved to be a great swimwear garment.


There is a trend in backpacking called "ultralight". It's a philosophy of doing more with less, minimizing the tendency to excessive features and weight in gear.

One manifestation of the ultralight philosophy is the rejection of rain pants in favor of rain "kilts", called that instead of "skirt" so men are more comfortable. Not only are they much simpler and lighter than pants, they have several profound advantages:

It's usually considered a major faux pas to refer to them as "kilts". "Kilt" is specific to the Scottish highlander garment, and to call it anything else (including and especially "kilt") is usually considered a grave insult.

Kilts can be put on and taken off without removing shoes. Handy as a ‘modesty kilt’ when doing laundry in a re-supply town. Gentlemen, remember to cross your legs.

Hiking Kilts

Hiking kilts are designed by hikers for hikers. Cool, quick drying, breathable, lightweight microfibre kilts are best for the active hiker who wants to trek in style and comfort. Enjoy them for rain hiking, cycling, camping, and swimming. They pack down super small.

Long kilts are an alternative to rain pants, with better ventilation on hikes in high humidity, and easier to put on or take off. Think of them as a poncho for your legs. Combine them with an anorak, poncho or hiking cape for optimum rain protection, or wear them on its own after the rain when you want to sit in damp places.

The rain kilt is the perfect way to keep dry on summer time hikes. It is a simple wrap around skirt (kilt for you guys) that has Velcro tape on one side to keep it shut. It is made from soft nylon and is completely waterproof.

Not only do you enjoy the ventilation of the kilt but you will always have a dry place to sit. Some have a handy pocket that becomes an integrated stuff sack. We've seen a few with a unique fastening system and loops on the four corners to use as a ground cloth.

The rain kilt is a simple solution for lightweight, ventilated weather protection. More specifically, it is a silicon impregnated nylon kilt that keeps the bulk of moisture off of your lower body, while providing ease of movement and great ventilation.

The correct length reaches almost to the ankles. However, the longer ones are not so good for swimming or wading. Also handy as a 'modesty kilt' when doing laundry in a re-supply town. Remember to cross your legs.

The rain kilt has the added bonus of being very warm, if you are wearing shorts. On hot days wear it on its own. Excellent value and versatility.